The 5 Best Drinks to Safely Relieve Stress

The 5 Best Drinks to Safely Relieve Stress

It makes no difference if your stress stems from work, home, or the latest political debacles, the pressure can have dreadful effects on your mind and body. Bodies ache, sleep is deprived, and patience goes right out the window. Concentrating at the office soon becomes an issue. Even your family seems to walk on eggshells when you’re around. Fortunately, you can now consume the right drinks, including coffee with a CBD oil tincture and smoothies at posh restaurants and bars in the San Francisco Bay Area to manage stress.

1. Consume a Pure CBD Oil Tincture   

Consume a Pure CBD Oil Tincture   

When you feel a bit of stress sneaking up on you, the best CBD product for sale, tincture oil, can be a lifesaver. While everyone appreciates fun and colorful CBD gummies on the market, vape oil, droppers and oil tinctures take effect much quicker, no matter what drink you drop them in. You just drop a little liquid under your tongue and the wonderful effects can be felt in a minute or two, and last up to 6 hours at a time. Tinctures of CBD oil are also small and convenient, and you never have to worry about the unwanted euphoric “high” associated with marijuana’s THC.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water

You must know how important water is for sustaining life. You should drink some on a regular basis in order to enhance the release of endorphins, assisting your positive frame of mind. Doctors recommend getting a minimum of eight glasses a day, as dehydration quickly triggers many unwanted symptoms of stress. A number of serious illnesses, including everything from anxiety and depression to obesity and cancer, can be linked to dehydration.

3. Gulp Up Tea

Gulp Up Tea

When defending yourself against stress, you can add flavor to you water by mixing in some tea. There are dozens of tea flavors to choose from and finding the best one just takes a little trial and error. On top of keeping you calm and cool, tea often comes with wonderful benefits. For instance, green tea helps to burn calories. If you have an upset stomach after eating too many tacos, ginger tea can help. Meanwhile, sage tea powers your overall digestive system and helps control gas, which can be a huge relief for everybody in the room.

4. Guzzle Down Fruit and Veggie Juice

Guzzle Down Fruit and Veggie Juice

Nutrients help a stressed out body respond well to pressure. That is why drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice, such as orange juice or carrot juice, is wonderful for folks who feel like they are under too much pressure. Numerous studies have proven that the vitamin B found in citrus fruit, avocados, and bananas is a marvelous defense against stress. Whether it is with blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries, it is possible to drink your blues away.

5. Enjoy an Oat Straw Drink

Enjoy an Oat Straw Drink

Containing magnesium, iron, calcium, and phosphorus, green oats are among the most important ingredients in an oat straw drink. Since the Middle Ages, people have been relying on green oat refreshments to quickly increase brain waves. In return, blood flow improves, increasing calmness, as well as cognitive function. Today, oat straw drinks are commonly used to treat stress and exhaustion, even if it takes at least a month to experience the benefits.

Many readers may be surprised that alcohol is not on the list of stress relieving drinks. We all know how a cold beer, or a shot of tequila can often take the edge off. However, the human brain is constantly working to sustain physiological stability. When your add alcohol to the mix, everything gets out of whack. Too much cortisol is released in the brain and the body’s response to stress is altered. Often times, tempers fly and depression sets in. In other words, when you feel stress knocking at your door, skip the bar and drink something a bit more useful for your mind and body.

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