15 Best CBD Pain Creams To Try In 2021

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Body pain is getting common in every age group. Young or old everyone is facing joint or muscle problems. Some people like those who regularly go to the gym or lift weights and employees working on long shifts either sitting or standing all the time are likely to face these issues more frequently. These issues largely affect the overall health and mood which ultimately hinders mental and physical performance. Therefore, it’s important to treat them right away.

There are several ways to do so some people don’t do massage centers while others use medication like painkillers. Although it may provide instant relief, it leaves various long-term health issues that might be even more severe than body pains. At times like these hemp products seem to be a blessing. With their organic plant-based compounds, these products offer safe and effective use without any side effects, and thus, can be used in the long term.

However, the market is overloaded with CBD products which makes choosing the best one quite difficult. To help you with that here we have compiled a list of the 30 best hemp pain creams to try this year. 

1. Nightingale Remedies Relief Cream

Nightingales is popular for its highly innovative products that have taken the market by storm. Most of its products feature 100% organic composition to maintain maximum safety and effectiveness. Furthermore, these products are third-party lab tested and the lab reports are available online for easy access. Thus, you can have a clear idea of what you might be getting into before you invest anything into it. 

Being an all-rounder, this pain cream can be applied to any part of the body for any sort of pain. All it needs is 15 to 20 minutes to penetrate the skin and take away all the pain-causing agents leaving you relaxed and calm. The added benefit is that it can also help to treat acne, wrinkles, and fine lines.

2. JustCBD – CBD Topical – Infused Pain Cream

With a massive range of highly effective products, JustCBD, the market leader, has smoothly entered into every aspect of our daily life. From edible tinctures to bath bombs, all of its products are a must-try. For its amazing products and performance, the brand has been featured in different international publications, including Harlem World Magazine, The Hype Magazine, and Whatsup Mag.

Being no different, its pain relief cream is also one of its top-selling products. It is composed of premium quality CBD and other organic compounds that instantly penetrate the skin to offer quick results that last a long time. The cream penetrates the deepest into the skin to guarantee the best results in minutes. It makes sure to take away even the tiniest pain-causing agent and ensure complete calmness and relaxation. 

It has a mild fragrance which allows you to easily use it anywhere anytime. Moreover, it is easy to carry around and can easily fit into small spaces. Thus, you can also take it to your workplace or a trip for quick and on-the-spot treatment.

3. CBDMEDIC Arthritis Aches and Pains Relief Cream

CBDMedic is among the most dedicated CBD brands, working day and night to make life easier for its people. It has a highly qualified and experienced team that keeps innovating its products for the most effective results. Its pain relief cream is an excellent pain reliever that is made up of completely organic compounds for the safest use. Its primary focus is joint, particularly arthritis which is responsible for performance hindrance in most people when aging. 

4. CBDMD Recover Inflammation Cream

Try cbdMD Premium Recover for the most severe body pain and inflammation-related issues. Infused with 300 MG of CBD, this pain cream is an excellent choice for all gym and fitness lovers who are constantly suffering from body pains. Apply this cream right after your gym session for a few minutes to see results. In less than 30 minutes you’ll start to feel calm and relaxed with all the pain going away. The cream leaves a cooling effect and makes the skin softer which further contributes to faster recovery. Along with CBD, this cream also contains vitamins, MSM, arnica, and other organic compounds that work in synergy for the best results. 

5. Social CBD Muscle Rub

SocialCBD is committed to make CBD a regular part of our lives. It has introduced a range of amazing CBD products covering several day-to-day spheres of our life, including skincare, edibles, bath products, and also pain creams. 

Muscle Rub has been formulated to take all the muscle pain away. Infused with premium quality CBD and menthol this cream ensures instant and effective results. Applying it to the affected area leaves a cooling effect and makes the skin softer. It also effectively fights inflammation and other such conditions that can lead to body pain.

6. Green Eagle Broad Spectrum Relief Cream

Green Eagle believes in solving modern problems in more ways. It uses the most advanced technologies in its production units to ensure innovative and effective results at affordable prices. Furthermore, the brand also holds tight on the purity of nature and uses premium quality organic compounds in all its products. All of its products or third-party lab tested for quality assurance and lab results can be accessed online.

Its Broad Spectrum Relief Cream offers maximized benefits of CBD for quick recovery. It makes the skin cooler and smoother while at the same time fights rashes and redness. 

7. Petal Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream

Being a self-care advocate, Petal provides an affordable and vegan way to a healthier and happier life without any stress or body pain. The Brand focuses on both mental and physical peace to improve the overall quality of life.

Its CBD-infused pain cream offers a quick and reliable way to treat all sorts of body pain. It is made up of 1000 MG of premium quality CBD obtained from local farms personally visited by the experts of the brand to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. The cream is available in different strengths and sizes to suit everyone’s requirements. 

8. Be Well Dexter Relief Cream

Be Well Dexter Among the most reliable CBD brands with an extensive range of products to serve almost everyone. Its pain relief cream that comes with ‘be free’ moto is one of its top-selling products. The sole idea behind the product as seen in its motto is to free users from body pain so that they can unleash their maximum potential and offer their best performance both mentally and physically.

The cream is quite effective against all sorts of muscle and joint pains and offers quick and lasting results. When applied to the affected area it immediately penetrates the skin, leaving a cooler and softer skin behind. It also has a mildly sweet fragrance which allows you to easily apply it whenever you need be it a social gathering or a professional setting. 

9. Phoenix Natural Wellness Pain Cream 

Known for its amazing customer support and the highest level of transparency, Phoenix has also been satisfying CBD users for a long time. The brand has introduced an impressive range of CBD products that make life easier and pain-free. With an amazing variety of taste, strength, size, and flavor, you can easily incorporate its products into your daily life. The pain cream by the brand also comes with all these options to choose from according to your needs.

If you are an advanced athlete or perform intense workouts, you might want to go with higher CBD dosages. However, it is always recommended to start small. The cream can be applied at any time during the day and as many times as needed. You do not have to worry about the onion-like smell associated with the regular pain relief creams and balms because this one comes with a light sweet fragrance. Moreover, this pain cream moisturizes the skin to prevent redness, rashes, and other such issues.

10. Green Roads Muscle and Joint Relief Cream

Green Roads strives to make life happier, healthier, and pain-free for its people. With a wide range of highly efficacious and organic products, the brand is a go-to CBD brand for most people. Its muscle and joint pain cream is an excellent addition to its range. The cream is made with premium quality CBD and a dozen of essential oils that rejuvenate the skin while at the same time relieve you of all sorts of body pain. The product can be applied to any body part at any time. There is also no restriction on the frequency of use. The organic composition of this cream ensures safe and effective results and saves you from the harmful side effects of chemical-based drugs. 

11. Oliver’s Harvest CBD CAPSAICIN Pain Cream

If you’re looking for an innovative pain cream formula down to Oliver’s harvest. The brand has given an effective twist to its pain relief cream with capsaicin and CBD. Known for its creativity, the brand offers unbeatable combos, blending equally effective natural compounds to ensure the best results. 

Featuring capsaicin and CBD this pain relief cream proves effective against all sorts of muscle and joint pain. CBD is loaded with health benefits including stress relief, anti-inflammation, pain relief, and a lot more. With 200 MG of CBD, this cream instantly penetrates the skin and fights pain-causing agents. Capsaicin, on the other hand, is known to reduce the severity of pain and supports CBD in instant recovery. The two compounds together ensure quick results that last a long time.

12. Candor CBD Recovery Cream

If body pain keeps you awake all night, the CBD recovery cream by candor is all you need. Candor is the name of trust and reliability. With a massive customer base and a dozen of amazing products to satisfy them, the brand has been winning hearts over the years. Its pain relief cream is among its highly demanded products that are not only effective but also quite affordable. 

Are used with the finest quality of CBD measuring up to 500 MG this pain relief cream provides instant relief and recovery. All it needs is hardly 15 to 20 minutes to penetrate the skin and clear away the pain. However, the effects last for over 3 to 4 hours. The best part about this cream is that it can also be used as a preventive measure. You do not 

only have to apply it when in pain but also regularly to avoid the pain. It supports and strengthens the joints against regular wear and tear so that they do not paint much when put through extra stress.  

13. ActivFit Muscle Rub 

Stay fit and active with ActivFit. Maintaining an unshakable commitment to quality and safety, the brand speaks for itself. Its products are one of the highest quality offered in the market. Plus, the experts behind the brand are constantly innovating the products for better results. 

Its Muscle Rub is unarguably among the best available options for all fitness and gym lovers. It can be used as a simple pain cream or a relaxing massage gel, either way, it is sure to take your pain miles away and not let it get back any time soon. One application can effectively keep the pain away or over 4-5 hours. All you have to do is apply the gel to the targeted area and leave for a few minutes to absorb. It will soon start to penetrate the skin to remedy from deep inside. Regular use can offer long-term relief from joint pain and improve mobility over time. This can be largely attributed to the powerful CBD and calcium blend the gel features.  

14. Canna Comforts Paris OG Pain Cream 

Canna Comforts, as the name suggests, strives to take you away from the stressful and painful life and treat you with the maximum level of comfort you deserve. Staying true to this mission, the brand has come up with a powerful pain relief formula that effectively relieves the user of all sorts of body pain and discomfort for productive and delightful days. 

Infused with 250mg of CBD, this pain cream is a reliable way to relieve body pain anytime, anywhere. When applied to the targeted area, the cream immediately starts to act on the external skin before penetrating deeper. This makes your skin softer and youthful, saving it from redness and rashes. Within 20-25 minutes of application, you’ll start to feel the results. 

15. Kat’s Naturals Arnica and EMU Cream

Give your joints profound stamina and your skin a younger glow, with Kat’s Naturals Arnica and EMU cream. The cream is designed to make you youthful both internally and externally. It is composed of high-quality USA-grown hemp extract that has been tested for purity before use. Not only that, but the final products also pass through several tests to guarantee the best outcomes. The reports of these tests can be accessed online. 

Packed with 350 mg of CBD and a dozen of essential oils, this cream kicks away even the most severe muscle and joint pains in minutes to keep you physically fit and energetic. It also has some amazing benefits for the skin like reduction in dryness and acne which makes your skin healthier and younger. It moisturizes the skin deeply for more effective results. Moreover, the travel-friendly packaging allows you to carry it along for on-the-spot treatment. 


CBD pain creams are a way better option than any other medication for body pains. These are organic, safe, and effective. Some may even improve your skin and help fight acne. The best part is that they offer faster results than chemical-based medicines. Not to mention, their fragrance makes the whole pain-relief process even more bearable. 

However, when choosing a CBD brand to treat your pain make sure to check all the available options that you can avail of. JustCBD is an all-rounder with some of the most effective pain creams to try. You can also consult the brand professionals for better guidance regarding their variants. 

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