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Side Banner Ads on the Home Page and Posts

Side Banner Ads on the Home Page and Posts 300x250

Side Banner Ads on the Home Page and Posts 300×250

These banner ads will appear on the home page side bar and the side bar of every single post! This is a totally unmissable position.

Side Banner Ads Inside the Footer

Side Banner Ads on the Home Page and Posts 300x250

Side Banner Ads on the Home Page and Posts 300×250

The banner ad will appear inside the footer. The good thing about these banner ads is that they are isolated from all the content and are very likely to yield good results simply because when a reader gets to the footer, they usually have the intent to contact the company and are thus more likely to click on the ads than someone reading an article halfway through.

 Banners Ads Above and Below the content of Posts

CBD Life Mag Advertise on Posts
Banner ads to be displayed either above or below the content of each post: 1800 x 1000

These ads will appear either at the top or bottom of each post on the site! These ads are fairly large and will therefore make more of an impact than smaller sidebar and footer ads.

Why Advertise with Us

Exclusive Ad Space

Our ad space is very exclusive. As you can see, all of our ads are positioned in optimal and psychologically proven areas to convert into leads! All of our ads space is exclusive within the meaning of the word – your spot will be yours only. You can purchase a banner ad space for as little as one month or as long as one year! Discounts will be given to yearly advertisers!

Built your Brand!

Our ads will help to embed your brand into the readers’ minds. All of the ad space appears in completely unmissable areas and will receive a lot of eyeballs. In today’s SEO world, building a brand is the most important element in ranking on the search engines. If users remember your brand and later search for it on the search engines, the search engines will rank your site higher!

Explode your website traffic

CBD life Mag attracts the highest quality traffic from vapers and CBD and hemp users. Each banner ad will contain a link to your website, which means that once people click your banner ads, you will receive highly targeted traffic to your CBD site that has the potential of converting into paying customers!

Getting Started – Advertise with Us

Please contact us via email or our Facebook page (quicker response) to discuss your advertisement requirements. We apply very stringent checks as to who we allow to advertise on our website.